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Shop haraka makes gym wear and sports clothes.active wear, workout clothes , exercise clothes , gym wear, legging, sportswear and sports bra. Haraka delivers fashionable, technical and functional activewear. Whatever your preferred form of workout may be, if you’re moving we’ve got you covered. Free shipping on orders over Rs.3000.

Staying healthy has become an essential part of today’s society. Hence working out/ physical activity is becoming increasingly important in people’s lives, in and out of the gym, studio, and field.

Despite Pakistan being a hub to manufacturing of all major sporting and active wear brands; options in buying active wear were very limited and over priced.

Our vision was to create more than just a place where people could buy affordable active wear. We wanted you to be true to your style while maintaining tactile functionality. We have tried to maximise your comfort by designing our own unique measurement and fittings.

We went one step forward, by testing our products on more than 40 different athletes in a year before we launched our products. We continuously tweaked and tailored our patterns to get the perfect fit.

It is imperative for us to create close relationships with our customers, and join them in celebrating their fitness goals.
Fashion magazine, Vogue identifies athleisure a rising trend which comprises of style, comfort, and function.

People are looking for clothes which they can wear to the gym as well as look great in them on the streets. Athleisure has merged urban, sports and fashion which resonates a different lifestyle.

With the rise of athleisure into a multibillion dollar industry, leggings have become an essential part of our everyday wardrobe. With all the colour and styles out there it can be tricky figuring out what looks good. Since legging are essentially to workout in, feeling comfortable is also imperative.